Atlantic Embroidery Works was founded in March 2006 in Richmond, Virginia.  We specialize in high quality custom monogramming and embroidery.

Atlantic Embroidery Works is comprised of two divisions:  the retail Monogramming Studio and aeW Corporate Solutions.

Our retail Monogramming Studio offers a wide range of sophisticated, unique, traditional and contemporary accessories.  From home décor, to baby items, to accessories for men, women and children,  we cover a variety of brands.

Our creative and knowledgeable design consultants work independently with you to select from over 500 modern and historical fonts, various thread types and colors, and monogramming formats to help you personalize your item.  Our team is extremely talented and can help with a plethora of ideas.

aeW Corporate Solutions provides custom creative business promotional needs. In addition to embroidery, we offer screen printing, promotional products, and business apparel. Our goal is not to sell products, but to sell innovative and effective solutions that will help your business create and maintain an inventive corporate identity.


About monogramming

History of Monogramming

The monogram is a set of letters, usually initials, which are combined into a decorative mark that is used to identify a particular person or family. ... The word's origins are in the Late Latin, 'monogramma,' from Greek mon- + gramma letter.

Early Greek and Roman rulers used their monograms on coins and other currency to identify the ruler of the region from which it came. The earliest known use of the monogram was on clay coins which were first made during the transition from a bartering system to a monetary system of trade. As time passed, it became common to mark the valuable property of nobility with a monogram. Eventually, it became common to see an aristocrat’s monogram emblazoned on a variety of items from weaponry and armor to household items, royal banners and coats of arms.

In the Middle Ages, it became common for artisans to use their own monograms to sign their work. Museum curators today are even able to determine during which part of Rembrandt's career a particular painting was completed simply by the monogram used to sign the piece. In his early years, Rembrandt used the simple monogram, RH. As his career progressed, he switched to the more formal, RHL.

Members of the Victorian era aristocracy often used the monogram as an emblem of their high rank in society. But, while the monogram may have a long history and a very close connection to royalty and other wealthy individuals, it is very widely used today on a variety of personal items, both big and small. Early monograms also consisted of only two initials rather than the three to which we have more recently become accustomed. The three-initial monogram which is more common today did not gain popularity until the 18th century.

Contemporary British royals now use a two-letter combination monogram with the groom's first initial in front, followed by the bride's first initial. However, this is just one of many rules the latest wedded royals are choosing to break. Unfortunately, WC, the standard format for a royal couple by the name of William and Catherine, also stands for Water Closet: the British equivalent of our American restroom or bathroom. Because of this unfortunate coincidence, souvenir makers decided to flip the initials, putting Catherine first on all royal wedding souvenirs. 


Monogramming Etiquette

Monogram format vs. Initial format:

  • monogram format (traditionally for women) the first letter of the last name is shown large in the center of the design, flanked by the smaller initials of the first name on the left and middle name initial on the right.  
  •  initial format (traditionally for men) displays first initials of the first, middle and last name in that order and all the same size.

 Monogram Etiquette – Married Couples

Married couples can choose between three types of monograms: traditional, modern and single initial.

Traditional monogram for a married couple, reading the monogram from left to right:

1) Wife’s first name initial

2) Husband’s last name initial.  This initial is larger than the initials on each side of it.

3) Wife’s maiden name initial

Modern monogram for a married couple reading the monogram from left to right:

1) Wife’s first name initial

2) Husband’s last name initial.  This initial is larger than the first name initials on either side of it.

3) Husband’s first name initial

Single initial monogram for a married couple is the initial of the couple's new last name.

An engaged couple should never use the married monogram until after the wedding ceremony.

 Additional guidelines do exist for situations such as the bride keeping her maiden name and will be discussed in separate entries.

Monogram Etiquette – Single Initials

If you would like to use a single initial for a monogram, the following guidelines apply:

Single individuals should use the first letter of their first name.

Married individuals or couples should use the first letter of their last name

Monogramming for men

The most common practice for monogrammingmen's gift items is to use a same-size monogram or full name. 

Example:  Iain Douglas Scott would be IDS.



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